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The world has become increasingly interconnected and it is now possible for individuals from different countries to trade goods and services in Octopus Ventures. This trend is facilitated by the development of technology and the advent of the Internet. However, with such rapid growth comes a number of challenges, such as the need to reduce the costs involved.


Pngme has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Octopus Ventures, the London-based multi-stage European venture capital firm. It will use the investment to expand its team and product offerings. The company plans to add more members to its data science, engineering, and sales teams.

Pngme’s fintech platform uses machine learning-as-a-service to aggregate financial data from customers. This enables it to provide users with insights into their financial behavior. Its service is used by banks, credit bureaus, and other financial institutions across South Africa and Nigeria.

Pngme is backed by investors including Lateral Capital, Aruwa Capital Management, and The 51. Previously, it was a lending platform, but it is now a financial data infrastructure service. As such, it is processing billions of data from banking institutions.


Pngme is a financial data infrastructure startup that is based in San Francisco. The company provides a machine learning-as-a-service platform that is designed to help fintech companies gather and analyze financial data. In addition to its API, Pngme offers its clients a customer management platform, as well as machine learning models.

Its customers include credit agencies, financial institutions, and fintech startups. Additionally, Pngme offers a mobile SDK that allows users to access real-time financial information.

Pngme’s offerings provide data-driven insights that help individuals and businesses increase their lifetime value. For example, a customer can track their balances and transactions, as well as verify their identity. These solutions are aimed at lowering customer acquisition costs.


There are plenty of startups in the Bay area and beyond that have a vested interest in the agriculture industry. The latest entrant, Agtonomy of sub-saharan Africa, announced a small but sizable raise earlier this year. Their seed round included a healthy dose of VC money from previous investments in the company. This is a small feat in and of itself but a tad more impressive considering the competition. Founded in early 2015, the company has a knack for bringing the best and the brightest together at the right time. They are a diverse bunch whose backgrounds run the gamut from VC and finance to marketing, product development, design, and product management


Arbonics is a newcomer to the climate tech startup scene. In the process, it has made a splash with the likes of RBC Capital Markets COO Richard Talbot and Silicon Valley venture capitalists to boot. The company was founded in January of this year and has garnered a total of $3.5 million in funding to date. However, this is not just about money. It also is about building a network of like-minded individuals who are also interested in building the next great thing for the planet.

The team is headquartered in London and New York, respectively. The co-founders – all seasoned technology veterans with a knack for spotting the next hot startup – are tasked with figuring out how to best utilize their collective expertise.


Turaco is a micro-insurtech startup with operations in Kenya and Uganda. The company provides medical and life insurance products in collaboration with local partners. Its product portfolio is tailored for low-income earners and end users.

Turaco recently raised US$10 million in Series A equity funding. Other investors included Novastar Ventures, Zephyr Acorn, Asi Ventures Limited, Musha Ventures and Global Partnerships.

Turaco is a member of the Musophagidae family. This family includes go-away birds, banana-eaters, plantain-eaters and other go-away-birds. There are 23 turaco species in Africa. Many of these species have declining populations. However, over half of them appear to have stable numbers.

Known for their loud alarm calls, turacos are native to Sub-Saharan Africa. They live in savannas and forests below the Sahara Desert


Duplo, a startup that makes it easier for African businesses to pay each other, is a company worth watching. Its scalable solutions help companies automate payment processes and make bill approvals quicker. This includes automated fund collection, invoice generation, and account reconciliation. The company has also built a robust accounts receivable arm.

Another example of the company’s smarts is the use of machine learning to detect fraud. The company’s flagship product, Duplo, has been adopted by FMCG distributors in Nigeria and is set to expand to more African markets.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the company has found a niche among midsize and enterprise firms. A few key features of the platform include real-time payments, accounts receivable and reconciliation, and a mobile SDK


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