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Kene Okafor is one of the hottest African stars in the industry today. He is known for his unique style, and his ability to play all kinds of music. His latest album, Moove, features a wide variety of songs. It is sure to be another hit.


Africa is a huge market for tech startups, especially in terms of vehicle financing. The region has a population of over one billion people. Although most of these residents do not have access to vehicle financing, a few companies are looking to provide a long-term Hibooz solution for the problem. Moove, a mobile fintech company, is one such startup.

Moove provides car loans to gig fashionnowdays network drivers such as Uber. Drivers sign up with the company and receive training, which enables them to get loans. In addition to the car loan, Moove also offers courier and logistics services to its drivers. Since the company’s launch, Moove has financed over three million rides. A majority of its vehicles are two-wheelers, such as bicycles, which are used for bike-hailing. Moove has partnered with OEMs to ensure that its vehicles are affordable for the average African 52av.

The company has also secured $10 million in debt financing. This will help the company expand to seven additional markets over the next six months. Currently, Moove is active in six African cities. Moove has also competed with other vehicle finance companies in the region, such as FlexClub and Autochek. Moove is aiming to provide auto financing to 60 percent of electric vehicles in the near future.


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