Dinner Jacket Black Tie Guide

If the invitation says Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, or evening Wear or Dinner Jacket, you’ll wear the formal tuxedo. Typically, this means the use of a midnight blue or black tuxedo. It will also help you look the best, wear the tuxedo. A black tie is a bow tie in black and never an all-black tie. If you’re looking to be noticed chicly, an evening jacket will be your ideal option.

What is a Dinner Jacket?

In general, the way it is done in Great Britain, a dinner jacket is an appropriate or non-matching jacket worn with a black tie. It could be midnight blue, black, or any other color. However, this definition could be confusing because it refers to a standard formal tuxedo and contrast jackets. 

So, we define the dinner jacket as a non-black or non-midnight blue coat. It could be off-white, burgundy, or could have different designs with different neckties like white neckties, brown neckties, purple neckties, etc. Other colors, like green, blue, or even purple bottles, are also acceptable. The sky is the limit.

What isn’t a Dinner Jacket?

Smoking Jacket

It was believed that the smoking jacket was designed by men who could wear it over their dinner jacket or tuxedo and then go to the lounge to smoke and smoke. Smoking jackets were designed to shield the smoke from your daily dress. These days smoking jackets are typically employed as jackets for the house. They generally come with frog toggle closures. They’re cut to be bigger and longer since they’re worn over the jacket.

Mess Jacket

It is a relic of the body coat or an evening coat; however, it’s not tail-like. Like a tailcoat, it’s double-breasted and open. It’s unfastened, not buttoned, and the back has an edge pointed toward the middle. It’s rare to see them nowadays, and typically they’re a part of a show costume or on cruise ships, but, even there, it’s generally carried by the staff or entertainment staff but not by the guests.

Dinner Jacket Options

Off-white/Ecru Dinner Jacket

It’s typically used in hotter tropical climates or on cruise ships. It’s not white as such because you’re seeking a slight contrast with the dress shirt, which is white. Although this jacket is double-breasted, you can also make it single-breasted, but the most distinctive aspect is that it comes with a shawl collar. Sometimes you will see off-white dinner jackets that have an open lapel. They are usually cheaper versions that aren’t as sophisticated, and I’d recommend staying away from these.

Tartan Dinner Jacket

It could be a tartan for a watch in black that is green and navy. Sometimes, you will see it in black, red, and yellow, particularly during Christmas. Typically, you can get them. They also have black silk facings and, overall, they’re extravagant. Perhaps if you come from Scotland or have a connection to tartan, it’s logical, but otherwise, it’s an extremely exclusive, special piece that you won’t have a lot of wear out of.

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