Electrical Safety Tips at Work

The use of tools and equipment conductive to electricity is dangerous, and some of these tools may be hazardous when used improperly. Use tools and equipment with non-conductive coatings, and avoid wearing metal if you work with electrical devices. Be sure to keep your hands dry at all times. Wear nonconductive gloves, insulated shoes, and protective clothing, especially if you’re handling electrical equipment. Work with only one hand at a time. Doing so will reduce the risk of an electric shock in the chest howitstart.

If you must work with electrical equipment, always disconnect the power source, and use non-conductive handles. Be sure to remove any metal from your clothing, such as jewelry or watches. Also, wear tight-fitting clothing. Metal can easily become tangled in electrical equipment, and loose-fitting clothing can get caught in the machinery. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid electrical burns. These are just a few of the electrical safety tips at work you can follow to protect yourself.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if possible. Depending on the type of electrical equipment, wear the appropriate amount of PPE. In the electrical construction industry, you should wear electrical gloves, boots, a face shield, fire-resistant helmet, and eye protection. It is important to keep your body and electrical equipment in safe condition, as even a minor exposure can lead to severe injuries. You must also check electrical tools regularly to make sure they are not worn out.

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