Management of Nephrotic Syndrome ppt

Management of nephrotic syndrome starts with treating the underlying disease. The underlying problem may be a primary cause of bet6 the disease or it can be secondary to another systemic disorder. In either case, a visit to a nephrologist is needed within two weeks to rule out secondary diseases and to determine the underlying cause. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome often involves the use of an angiotensin receptor blocker or an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. Both of these medications lower blood pressure and decrease protein excreted in urine.

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Treatment of nephrotic syndrome may include reducing salt and water intake for children with the disease. This is because sodium and fluid retention can cause the body to become swollen. The child’s age, overall health, and symptoms will determine the type of treatment required. Children with nephrotic syndrome may need to be hospitalized for their first episode, and they should be monitored closely for swelling, high blood pressure, and breathing problems. Live vaccines should not be given to children who have nephrotic syndrome, or those who haven’t received them yet.

Managing the underlying cause of nephrotic syndrome is giniloh crucial to finding the best treatment for each individual. Treatment may be based on the severity of the condition and the underlying cause. Because the condition is a syndrome, many different factors can cause it, making diagnosis and treatment of this disease complicated. For example, a recent infection, a genetic disorder, or an immune system disorder may lead to nephritis.

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