Shopping For an Off Grid Solar Inverter

An off grid solar inverter can be one of the most important pieces of off grid solar energy equipment. These devices convert DC electricity to AC power and can be used to power various appliances around the house. Because DC power is not usable, an off grid solar inverter is necessary to convert it into usable power. Unlike DC, AC power is more convenient to transport and loses less energy than DC. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for an off grid solar inverter.

When shopping for an off grid solar inverter, consider your electrical load and frequency requirements. For example, if you’re in Africa or the USA, you’ll need to choose a model that maintains 50Hz or 60Hz. A two to four kW model is sufficient for a small cabin, whereas an eight to sixteen kW off grid solar inverter is appropriate for most off-grid homes. A 16 kW unit is ideal for small businesses and farms.

Another important factor to consider is the surge rating. Most off grid solar inverters will support a maximum surge of 11,000 watts. While it’s possible to find smaller units that handle higher surges, it’s not necessary. High-speed electronic switchers have the lowest surge ratings, while transformer-based low-frequency switchers are designed to handle up to 300% surges. A high-frequency off grid solar inverter will allow you to reduce your peak capacity, but will reduce your efficiency.

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